Spring Bridal 2021


The 1920s, the golden 1920s were an era of glamour and birth of the Flappers. It was the beggining of the modern woman, the origin of a new free woman. A new lifestyle was born for young women who wore short skirts, did not wear corsets, wore a special haircut, the famous bob cut, listened to jazz, danced and smoked.

This season is about freeing silhoettes, with delicate embroidery touches and transparencies. It evokes details from past times into a modern woman. Capes,
overlaying and delicate flower details blend into a romantic, yet freed feel.

Catalina Bayona

Fashion Designer


Catalina Bayona designs capture romantic asthetics from past times, using them as primary source of inspiration. Her passion for design is instilled in each of her designs.

After working in houses such as Pronovias, colombian designers, Ricardo Pava and Hernan Zajar, as head designer and store director, she realized women needed a bigger part in the process of making their dream gowns. She established her own Atelier where clients have her personal advice and custom one of a kind gowns. Her team which specializes in embroidery and hand sewing techniques achieve blending traditional techniques with modern designs.

Catalina recognizes women today and through light and feminine silhoettes, she manages to enhance them and bring them confort and confidence.

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